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Lock the doors, lower the blinds,
fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels...

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Our Queen's Speech

Hi Sues!

My name is Mykey and I am beyond excited to welcome you to my show here on BuzzRadioUK, it’s none other than “The Weekly Kiki”.  (clap and cheer!)

Now, one thing that I want to make clear... really, really, clear, is that this is OUR SHOW! Not just my show. No Henny, OUR SHOW!

And OUR show will be a beautiful, conversational, joyful interaction that takes us on a journey of happiness and fabulousness! And my lovelies, that is quite simply what we will create together, from now and every day in the future!

Our themes may change every week. Actually... with my very short attention span they absolutely will. BUT that's exciting in itself and I cannot wait to collaborate with you to create some "10pm-on-a-Friday-night-goodness"  from this day forward!

Keep your eyes peeled, check in here on my page to see what’s coming up next and make sure you hit me up via any of the lovely contact options dotted around my page!

So, as the famous Scissor Sisters proverb teaches us… “Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels! ‘Cause I know exactly what we need!”

Much love darlings!

Mykey! x

It's you... but on the radio!

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